The Ashburton PTA supports programs and events which enhance the “Top Quality” education our school is known for. Your membership dues and donations support all kinds of great stuff, including:
- PTA-funded activities including International Night, Fall Festival, our new school garden, and Spring Fling.
- Speakers and assemblies for students.
- Classroom materials, lower-cost field trips, an Artist in Residence program, Author Conference visits, and more. 
- Continuing education for our fabulous faculty.
Donations are an essential part of these efforts. After adding your membership level to your shopping cart please consider including a donation as well.
And don't forget to submit a participation waiver! It is required for participation in any of our great events. One waiver will cover you and your family for the duration of your tenure at Ashburton. 
This year online registration is being done through the A to Z website. 
Directions for registration:
1. Go to: https://atozconnect.com/cls/login.php 
If you have used the A to Z Directories site before sign in with your email and password. If you have forgotten your password click on the "forgot password" link. If this is your first time to the site click on the "Signup now" link at the bottom that has the red arrow in the image above.
2. Choose your school. 
If you have used A to Z for multiple schools click on Ashburton to sign up for Ashburton's PTA.
3. Proceed to store.
In the top left corner of the page after entering are 3 lines. Click on those lines for the menu to open.
4. Add products
In the store section of the site is a listing of products. Click on this to open up the store.
5. Products in store
 The store contains several categories. Membership, Directory & Donations. You can add your membership level, an additional printed directories and a donation to the Ashburton PTA. First, click on the Membership section of the store.
6. Membership level.
There are 2 types of PTA memberships. Individual membership and teacher membership. Click the blue "View Item" button next to the membership you wish to purchase.
7. Adding to cart
After clicking the View Item button a window will pop up. This is where you can click on the "Add to Cart" button. The pop-up window will close after you add it to your cart. 
8. Add more or check out.
You can then click on the orange "back to categories" button to add a donation or additional printed directories to your cart. Or click on your cart at the top of the page to finish your purchase. 
9. Checkout
This screen gives you the opportunity to change any of your purchases, go back to shopping to add more to you can click the green button to check out.
10. Complete your purchase.
Click on the PayPal logo to complete your purchase. You can pay via your PayPal balance, checking account or credit card. 
Thank you so much for joining the Ashburton PTA!! You rock!