The PTA uses money raised through these programs to directly benefit our school. They help fund a variety of educational initiatives including field trips, assemblies, books, supplies, and cultural and community events. Thank you for your support!! 


The Ashburton PTA supports programs and events that enhance our school. Please help us raise $10,000 by making a donation in ANY amount. 100% of your donation goes straight to our school, and EVERY donation is appreciated! THANK YOU for your generous support!

Click here to make your donation! 

Save big money while making big money for Ashburton!
Purchase a KidStuff Book filled with coupons to some of the area’s hottest retailers — Gymboree, Macy’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Costco, and dozens more!
Plus, for the first time, these savings are also available in a handy mobile app!
The book and app cost $25 and, for every book sold, our school earns HALF! Fourth-grade math will tell you: if every Ashburton family buys one, we can raise more than $7000!
So don’t delay. Order today!
ps… have we mentioned these make great gifts!!


REGISTER your Giant card (this must be done EVERY year)

Every time you shop, a portion of your bill will support our school! It's FREE to use and will NOT impact your family's savings or gas points.

  • visit www.giantfood.com/aplus
  • enter your 12 digit card number and use the Ashburton Elementary School ID #00662
  • Or call 877-366-2668 (option #1)
***Last year, we earned more than $7000 for our school through this program! So it's important to reregister again today!***

Give back with AMAZON SMILE

***Every time you shop with Amazon Smile, 0.5% will be given back to our PTA. In just the past month, we have raised $862 this way -- so it can have a HUGE impact!***


Clip your Box Tops! - 10 TOPS = $1.00 for our school!!

General Mills "Box Tops for Education" can be found on many everyday grocery products! (For a complete list, click here.) Just clip the Box Tops cleanly along the dotted lines, being careful not to cut off the expiration date, and turn them into your child's teacher.