Thank you for an amazing 2021 Fall Festival!

This year's Ashburton Fall Festival was the biggest one yet, with more than 1,200 people joining us for a night of fun, food, laughs, and screams. We could not have pulled that off without the incredible work of our dedicated volunteers - thank you, thank you, thank you!

As grand as it is, Fall Festival is one of our community events and not a fundraiser. We are an advocacy organization first and foremost and we are grateful to have the ability to bring the community together and provide experiences and memories for our Ashburton students.

Do you want to help us create more memories for Ashburton students, families, and staff? Consider joining our event committee. Joining a committee does not require a specific time commitment, only the desire to help grow our already fun and supportive Ashburton experience.

Learn more about our committees here.

2021 Fall Festival Photos

If you have pictures you'd like to share with us, email them to and we'll add them here.

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