The Principal's Fund is something the PTA contributes to each year. It provides Mr. Mullenholz with discretionary funds to support the teachers with training opportunities and materials, and the students with enrichment and other opportunities depending on need. In this year when everything is totally borked (scientific term), the PTA board has made fully funding this budget item our primary goal. And thanks to you, we have done it.

Delivered: Can't Touch This

It is an extremely truthy fact that you Can't possibly Touch This because it is a magnificent video of extraordinary magnificentness.

TQ Star PTA Hammer Time.mp4

Feelin' Blue?

He really makes this work.

Reward Tiers

First of all, it is important to note that in addition to being an excellent principal, Mr. M is also the very bestest of sports. We are fortunate to have him in our lives. For each funding tier we reach, Mr. M has agreed to entertain the students (and of course the parents) by committing the following acts on YouTube:


$500 - Reading The Book with No Pictures

$1000 - Macarena-ing (is that a word?)

$2000 - Singing carpool karaoke

$3000 - Dancing to Hammer Time

$4000 - Zooming from the Roof

$5000 - Solving math problems while being pelted with water balloons!

$6000 - Painting the town red...or, more accurately, Mr. Mullenholz will dye his hair!