International Night

Friday, March 27, 2020

Ashburton's International Night will be a fun evening filled with culture and food from around the world. And we want YOU to sign up to contribute and participate in this annual celebration! The Ashburton community is home to many nationalities and cultures, and we have a lot to be proud of. This event is organized by a brave few, but is a great opportunity for EVERYONE to get in on the action and help make it really shine. There are many ways you can participate! Thrilling details below:

Showcase your family's heritage and teach others in our community about the many cultures represented in our school. Show off your traditional attire, customs, photos, maps, currency, and other items... it’s fun and easy! No, really: You're not starting from scratch, we've got experience and intel to help.

School assembly will be held in March 23 at Ashburton ES starting at 9:10 am. Students may dance, sing, read, play an instrument, and can perform as an individual or group. Each performance will be no more than 3 minutes. Students can also participate in the Fashion Walk where they show off their traditional attire.

The International Night themed photo booth is a crowd-pleaser, so we're doing it again! This experience is fun (and FREE) for whole family. Photos will be taken by professional photographers from LifeTouch.