International Week

April 19-23, 2021

For pandemicky reasons, our traditional International Night at the school has been replaced with International Week taking place virtually. The team has taken the core features of International Night and reimagined each one for a virtual trip around the world using Flipgrid.

Instructions are at the bottom of this page.

International Week Is Live!

Create videos of you and/or your children representing their heritage, culture, or country.

Share a video of cooking or baking a favorite recipe.

Show us your traditional clothing, perform a dance, play an instrument, or sing a song.

Video Ideas!

  • Wear your country’s traditional clothing and tell us about it.

  • Show us toys, games, and/or musical instruments that are popular in your culture.

  • Play an instrument, sing a song, and/or perform a dance from your culture.

  • Present an art form or craft that is popular in your country like weaving, origami, or making paper flowers.

  • Tell us about famous people that are from your country of origin.

  • Show us your country’s currency.

  • Cook/bake a recipe that originated from your country, show us how you made it, and/or link us to a recipe online.

  • Read to us a children’s book from your country

  • Tell us about your country’s flag and interesting facts about it or its meaning.

  • Teach us how to say a couple of basic phrases in your language.

  • Display sports jerseys and sporting equipment popular in your country.

  • Record a trivia session with interesting facts about your country.

Flipgrid Instructions

  1. Go to

  2. Click “join with Google” and log on with your gmail.

  3. Watch Ms. Ruben’s example for directions and ideas. You may even see other teacher videos pop up in the next few weeks, too, as examples!

  4. Record or upload your own video.

  5. All videos will be posted on April 19th. During the week of April 19th, feel free to view each other's videos and leave positive comments or questions!

And that's it! If you have any questions, please reach out to