Meeting Info

PTA Meeting and Election

Thanks to assorted PTA bylaws, we are currently required to hold membership votes in person. I promise we explored other options. So, here we are - looking to elect a new board, and pass a budget so we can do any of the things - and here's how we're going to make that happen:

  • Mr. Mullenholz will be there and answer some questions. You can use this form to submit your questions in advance so he can be prepared to get through as many as possible in the time we have.

  • Presenting the election slate!

  • Walk through the proposed budget for 2020-2021.

  • Special Guest: Ann Turner, PhD, LCSWC
    Ann works with children, teens and adults and has also worked as an employee counselor for companies like Discovery Channel and Sibley Hospital. In her practice, Ann helps kids and adults with anxiety, depression, stress, and balancing work and home obligations.

  • Add this meeting to your calendar.

Zoom Credentials (which are also included in the calendar link):

Part two of our meeting will be held in the Ashburton parking lot where the following will occur:

  • A beguiling and be-masked PTA board member direct you to pick up a fresh paper ballot and a brand new Ashburton PTA pen.

  • You will mark you ballot with joyful precision.

  • You will deposit your ballot within some vessel we have not yet decided upon. It may be an ice bucket that looks like an old fashioned diving helmet, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

  • You will KEEP THE PEN because it is our gift to you.

  • Add the vote to your calendar.

But to earn the right, nay, the privilege of participating in this demented socially distant yet totally in person vote, first you must join us. Join the PTA.