Lost & Found

Kids lose stuff - lots of stuff. A typical year would provide families many opportunities to stop by the Ashburton All Purpose Room from time to time and dig through the Mountain of Forgotten And Abandoned Things to find items your child has lost (whether by accident or on purpose), and sometimes items you didn't know your child has lost (whether by accident or on purpose).

But this is not a typical year, so for ONE YEAR ONLY we will dig through that mountain for you.

If you see something familiar as you scroll through the photo gallery below, fill out this form to be reunited with it. If your Ashburton student is missing something and you don't see it pictured, email lostandfound@ashburtonpta.org and we'll keep an eye out for it. Many thanks to volunteer Catherine Milano for spearheading this initiative!

Scroll down to see the collection of lost and found items. Happy Hunting!