STEAM Week from Monday, March 1-5, 2021.

This virtual event will have three parts:

  • STEAM Project Video Showcase

  • STEAM Hands-on Activity

  • STEAM Guest Speaker Q&A

Students and parents are encouraged to participate as much as they choose, when it’s most convenient for them, and in the comfort of their own home. Zoom links and details of the speakers, hands-on activty, Math night and read aloud sessions are Here

All students are encouraged to present a science project. Using Flipgrid, students may post a short 3-5 minutes video about their project. The approved project video will be shared with all Ashburton students, so they can visit, comment and post their questions. Here are details and instructions for the STEAM project setup and upload.

Deadline: Saturday, March 5, 2021 (5 PM US EST)

Complete and Submit STEAM Project Video on Flipgrid using the Code/Link shared by Ms. Melissa Ruben Here

STEAM Hands-On Activity

Ashburton students and their parents will get a chance to do a STEAM Hands-on activity in their home, and to join a presenter and their friends on Zoom for double the fun. Presenters will give step by step instructions for the STEAM activities, which will use common household items. The presenters will also provide interesting facts about the activity, the science behind it, and answer any questions students may have.

Homeroom teachers will share the list of STEAM activities and any required supplies, and parents and students will be invited to reserve a spot in advance for their favorites.

List of Hands-on activities and needed materials (most can be found in your kitchen pantry) are Here

STEAM Guest Speaker Q&A

We have a great speakers artists/scientists/doctors/engineers who have volunteered for STEAM Guest Speaker Q&A sessions. Each night of the week we have Guest Speaker sharing interesting details in their field of expertise.

All sessions can be accessed only through MCPS student accounts and Zoom Room Link for the talk are provided by the school. Students and parents can join through their MCPS Zoom accounts. Speaker Bio and Session details are Here

Want to be a Guest Speaker? If you are interested, please sign up here.

**Contact Noor ( Julie ( or Jen ( if you have any questions.**

Thank you!

The STEAM Week Committee