STEAM Project Showcase

Students in K-3 can present a project about anything that sparks their interest. For example, kindergarteners can present about horses or LEGOs. Students can also present an experiment to test a question (i.e. measure how fast ice will melt in hot or cold water, baking cookies with and without baking soda, etc.).

4-5th graders are encouraged to present a project in which they have investigated a topic, or conducted an experiment. If the students are working in a group, only one video needs to be submitted.


  1. Students will create their STEAM Project, make a video and upload it via Flipgrid.

  2. Students can use the script template for the 3-5 minutes video.

Videos must include:

        • Introduction (Student name/s, Grade, Homeroom Teacher)

        • Project Title

        • Project Detail.

Students can capture their face during Introduction and Project Title. During Project Detail section the camera must focus on the project display or be a video of the process. Students may upload only videos of the projects they have completed themselves.

  1. Upload and submit the project video on Flipgrid via the Topic link/code shared by Ms. Melissa Ruben (

  2. Ms. Ruben will create the STEAM Week Topic on Flipgrid and invite all students to submit their projects. If you/your child did not receive the link/code please reach out to us.

  3. On March 1, 2021 all students in the school will be able to view submitted projects using their Flipgrid account.

        • We encourage students to start their project early, play around with all the fun things they can do with Flipgrid, and submit the project once they think it is ready. .

  4. Make sure to Submit the Project before the Deadline of Saturday, February 27, 5 PM EST

  5. Home room teachers will encourage students to visit the submitted and approved STEAM project videos during the asynchronous instruction days, and post an encouraging comment, and/or ask questions.

  6. The teachers may also host discussions about the STEAM Projects on Flipgrid their students have visited.

  7. All students who submit their project video will receive a Participation Certificate and gift.

  8. The participation certificate and gift can be collected from the school office.