When: Thursday, February 29th

Time: 6:15 PM - 8:00 PM

Who: ALL Ashburton Students


If there is a Scientist/Technologist/Engineer/Artist/Mathematician in your home, showcase them at AES STEAM night.  As part of STEAM week, all students are encouraged to present a STEAM-related project. Every student who presents a project would be recognized by a STEAM interviewer and a cool award. This is open to students in all grades. The night will include in-person presenters, hands-on experiments, and the opportunity to walk around and see all the great projects created by our students.  Projects featuring weapons or containing explosives are prohibited. Food will not be provided or available.


If your child is interested in presenting a project at STEAM

Night, please sign up at this link https://forms.gle/op5fVpL9u8A4nBHfA


For students working in a group, only one person needs to fill out

the form. They do not need to know their topic before signing up.

Projects can be as simple or fancy as the students’ desire. DEADLINE is Friday, February 23rd.




Want to put a SMILE of YOUR kids face ?


PARENT VOLUNTEERS: STEAM Week (during the school day): We are

looking for scientists/ doctors/ engineers /artists and others to volunteer

throughout the week of February 26-29 to present and/or complete

experiments in classrooms. If you are interested in presenting in the

classroom, please fill out this form https://forms.gle/2cmenLgEznPRNFJs5 and we will be in contact later if you are selected to come into the classroom. Due to high-interest,

not all will be able to come into classrooms. DEADLINE is Friday, February 23rd.


If you have any question related to STEAM week or STEAM night, please email us at AES.STEAMNITE@gmail.com