We advocate on behalf of Ashburton families on initiatives and policies that affect us all now, as well as throughout our entire MCPS experience.

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School-based vaccination site information for this weekend, January 22nd. Pediatric, Adult and Boosters available.

The website also features information about walk-in COVID-19 testing sites for this weekend.

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Upcoming Events

  • Ashburton Community Town Hall: Tuesday January 18, 2022

Ashburton will be holding a virtual community meeting on tuesday January 18, from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. via Zoom. At that meeting, I will be providing updates on our continuing efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, our work to continue to ensure high-quality instruction, and the work of the system to adjust to the changing guidance from the Department of Health and Human Services. The meeting will cover updated health and safety protocols, the process by which a school could be considered for a shift to virtual learning and the introduction of MCPS QuaranTV for students who are not able to attend school in-person.

The webinar will include segments where updates are provided, pre-submitted questions are answered and questions from the chat are addressed. To submit your questions in advance, please use the link here:

To Join The Meeting:

Passcode: 656521

  • General Membership PTA Meeting via Zoom, February 1st at 7 PM.

Feedback Request

The Montgomery County Board of Education is seeking comments on proposed amendments to Board Policy JGA, Student Discipline, to implement changes required by Maryland law. Maryland law requires “restorative approaches” that foster positive, respectful, orderly and safe learning environments necessary for effective learning. The policy has been available for comment since Dec. 2. Public comments are due by Monday, Feb. 7.

A new title is proposed to reflect this restorative approach: Policy JGA, Behavior Intervention, Safety, and Well-being Plan. The draft policy, a video presentation and the opportunity to provide public comments are available here.

The draft includes a relationship-focused model for behavior intervention and safety that—

  • is primarily proactive and preventative;

  • emphasizes building strong relationships;

  • setting clear behavioral expectations that contribute to the school community well-being;

  • responds to behavior that violates clear behavior expectations,

  • focuses on accountability for any harm done by the problem behavior; and

  • addresses ways to repair the relationships affected by the problem behavior with the voluntary participation of an individual who was harmed.

Review the draft policy.

Submit comments on the draft policy here.

Current Topics of Interest

MCPS Covid-19 Dashboard

There's nothing quite like a good dashboard, and this is nothing like a good dashboard. I'll be here all week, folks, be sure to tip your waiters. Dashboard Here

MCPS Board of Education

BOE Website Here

Current Board Members

Feel free to contact them.

Brenda Wolff President-District 5 Email

Karla Silvestre Vice President (At-Large) Email

Judith Docca District 1 Email

Shebra L Evans District 4 Email

Lynne Harris At-Large Email

Dr. Scott Joftus District 3 Email

Rebecca Smondrowski District 2 Email

Hana O'Looney Student Member of The Board Email

MCPS Interim Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Monifa B.McKnight Biography & Email

Charles W. Woodward High School Updates

I mean, it will be what it will be, man. Updates Here

Recent Communications (1/7/22) from our MCCPTA President, Cynthia Simonson:

My Dear Delegates –

In a few weeks, it will be two years since I took the MCCPTA Presidential baton. Certainly, these two years have been unprecedented. Truth. As someone paying attention and working closely with MCPS, especially these last two years, today’s MCPS response to our current crisis concerns me. To be clear, MCCPTA hasn’t taken a position on whether schools should be in person/go virtual. What I have repeated (again and again) is the importance of transparency and clarity around the decisions being made.

I really don’t know what the weekend message will include. I’ve heard speculation from lots of places but here is my quick and dirty list of things that I think if MCPS provided some of this, it would go a long way to answering questions and addressing the concerns that continue to hit my inbox.

For background, as I understand the MCPS-BOE roles, this decision about in-person/virtual and any “test to return” or “test to stay” pathways are all “operational” functions directed out of the Office of the (Interim) Superintendent. The BOE generally doesn’t direct operational functions. If the BOE were to intervene in the operations of the system and direct the (Interim) Superintendent in a specific way, the fastest pathway is for the Board President to call a special meeting. The County Executive and Councilmembers fund the MCPS requests and can hold the system accountable.

Again, not sure what the correspondence this weekend will include but here is my list of things I’d like them to address:

  1. Clarity on who is making decisions. MCPS points to DHHS as the source of direction. DHHS says they provide advice based on the State but only advising MCPS (and when questioned, they aren’t sure about some of the choices). We all recognize, these are hard decisions, made harder on the public when no one is taking responsibility. Stop pointing. Tell us how these decisions are being made and by who!

  2. Admit misunderstanding the 5% – there is tremendous capacity for forgiveness when people admit their mistakes. Mistakes happen. Now you know -- 5% threshold wasn’t the right way to work through the current situation. But, changing the goal posts because the community has questioned the use of self-reported data and an arbitrary “outbreak” threshold (based on said data) is disingenuous.

  3. Once Owned, Explain Your Mistake -- MCPS misunderstanding of data leads to community misunderstanding of data. I think I get it – why 5% (unrelated) is a threshold to identify school outbreaks but that isn’t the same as CDC-defined transmission rates – low, moderate, substantial and high. So, publicly explain the error you made and then call on an expert to explain what it means (and doesn’t mean) so we can rebuild community confidence.

  4. Acknowledge your “Communication Fail” – Acknowledge it was a mistake to have a big press conference announcement about the 5% threshold and how these 11 schools will “go virtual” then post an updated list reflecting 60% of schools over the threshold without a clearly worded statement to parents and staff explaining what that means and what the process will be. When you say the spreadsheet will be updated daily at a particular time, do not ADD yet another spreadsheet and consider that to be the update without clearly explaining to the community why you’ve decided to add another spreadsheet. That can be seen as obfuscation, not communication.

  5. Explain the 14 day virtual timeframe -- Why did MCPS opt not to follow the MSDE guidelines around closure, far less impactful, and jump right to a 14 day virtual plan? If it is because this plan was written during the summer when CDC had a 14 day quarantine period, say that. The timelines have changed (several times). If our goal is safely in-person, explain why “test to stay” or “test to return” aren’t being considered in these instances?

  6. Address expectations and what you hope to accomplish while virtual -- While flipping schools to virtual may minimize large group gatherings (at school), these asymptomatic students and staff are not “quarantined” – this is creating confusion, particularly for asymptomatic students.

  7. Acknowledge the varying risk tolerance of our families -- MCPS has put a number of mitigation measures in place to keep the students and staff safe. But, with the high transmission of COVID variants right now, families may have personal circumstances and experiences where greater assurance is necessary.

  8. Related, be transparent about staffing shortages – MCPS must create transparency around the staff needed to safely operate the schools (to ensure all the mitigation strategies in place) and it is unclear what our daily staffing levels are at specific schools. Make that clear for families.

  9. Address how MCPS will communicate directly with our students -- Our students are watching this unfold. Acknowledge how this is directly affecting their wellbeing and their education. Place students where they belong, at the forefront of your decision-making.

  10. Disclose how much a robust plan will cost and partners necessary to enact -- Include the cost of labor shortages, such as teachers and bus drivers. The community deserves to understand the budgetary implications of a complex, labor-intensive plan. Directly communicate the financial implications to the Board of Education and the community.

As ever,

Cynthia Simonson

MCCPTA President

We're working for you, and we'd love to hear from you

Board Sponsor: Marilyn Santiago, President

Chairperson: Marselha Goncalves Margerin